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Coco Kana

Savor Quality,
Taste Perfection

Coco Kana made its debut entering the shisha market in Azerbaijan with a size of 25cm.


Size 25x25x25 mm

Standards well-known size in the market, ideal for thick bowls. Suitable for well-known tobacco in the market.

Ideal size for professional hookah smoker, it has a longer time burning than the others brands.

Story behind COCO KANA

Taken from the name of the founder of our parent company. Every pieces of cubes made from a hard work of mother, a warrior, a business woman, named is “ISTIKANAH”.

She is the inspiration from this product, has been running in shisha industry for more than 20 years, she is one of the top leader of shisha industry in Indonesia.

About Us

We are charcoal company that produces and controls products from upstream to downstream, has its own factory located in Central Java, Indonesia. We provide highly controlled quality to all markets in the world.


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